Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Perhaps you've had the experience of feeling that you've been somewhere before, or known someone a long time ago - maybe your head tells you "no" but your heart says "yes"...

Most of us have experienced deja vu at some time in our life. Some of us have had recurring dreams about places or people or situations for which there is no logical explanation. Fears or phobias that seem to have no explanation.

People have past life regression for different reasons, often just from curiosity or to understand an irrational fear or phobia. Many people feel they have always 'sensed' they have lived before and are simply fascinated and wish to enquire as to whom they were in a previous life.

How Does The Treatment Work?

My past life regression sessions take place under hypnosis - you will be able to talk out loud to me and answer any questions that I ask you, which I will write down to try and get as much detail as possible. 

You will not be actually 'reliving' the events only the memory of events that have already passed - you will not feel any physical pain and no harm can come to you.

I will ask you as many questions as I can to build up a detailed picture of your journey and we will try and go back and forth through that life's timeline, including right up to the death scene if you want to.  This again is not something you will actually be 're-living' but more observing and we are able to look back on the life including any lessons learnt and morals and only bring back the positive thoughts and feelings from it. 

I allow up to 2 hours for each session so we don't rush and we have plenty of time to talk and discuss before and after the session. 

Does it always work?

Past life regression is something that gets better and easier with repeated sessions - there are no guarantees that we will find a past life but the majority of people do and there is no way of me knowing in advance - the only way to find out - is to regress!

Sometimes regression clients will only come up with snippets of information and sometimes it can be quite detailed.

Information comes through in a variety of different ways - either visually or just by sensing and describing that way - it's important to just trust what comes into your mind. 

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